I Am Group Meditation

Take a deep breath and relax. Take notice any tightness in your shoulders, in your arms, in your lower back – notice if you have any propensity to hold in any area of your body or you have an old injury that causes you problems. Move your body and remember that your energy and consciousness moves from the base of your spine and all the way up your spine column. In Buddhist tradition the energy is known as kundalini or Life Force.  It resides coiled at the base of your spine and is called the serpent (unbridled Energy).  In self mastery, as the force of energy moves through the body we want to learn to listen deeply to the subtle sounds of our physical body, our organs, our muscles, and our cells. We want the energy to move freely and unencumbered – to express itself with creativity throughout our own sensate and aliveness.

Once you release the tension in your body and feel relaxed invite the holiest of holies in the room.  Ask that the grace of the divine from your ancestors to fill the space, your great grandmothers and your great grandfathers, and ask all the different angels and beings that have been around you since the beginning of creation to support your healing work.  Open yourself to the most sacred inner connection to your own divinity.  You may ask for Blessings From a Thousand Generations, and open your awareness to receive them.  Be still. Be quiet. Receive and Listen.

Ask to be rinsed and purified by divine grace and mercy to purify your mind, to purify your thoughts- beliefs, and to purify your emotions. Ask any of your ancestors, those beloved creative beings that have blessed this planet for many generations to guide you. Ask the holiest of holies to help bring healing energy and awareness to you, your family, and friends.  If you have special beings, Angels or Guides that you communicate with in the outer realms, you want to honour them and thank them for walking with you and helping you.

There have been so many great teachers on this planet. So many different people, angels, deities, gods and goddesses, all different faces of the one unified being expressed in the masculine, expressed in the feminine, expressed in different cultures and races. All languages created by the divine to teach us about diversity and individuality. Imagine now, there are so many different forms and formless aspects of divinity, too many for any one of us to count.  Yet, each one of us has our own story inside, our own longing, our own passion that quakes and awakens our desire to know the divine and to know unity. We long to know the light within.

Inherently, each of us longs to know and have a direct experience of Divine Grace and Divine love – to know that the holiest of holies is speaking truly to you. You long to know that the divine is anointing you from within and from without your physical being. You need to know and understand that there isn’t anyone here on this planet that has ever been excluded from the Divine pull. Consider the possibility that it is only your thoughts, beliefs, or your self-imposed exclusions that create the separation between you and divinity.  Each of you may have your own specific idealized image of what a divine experience might be like and when that idealized image is not upheld then you are disappointed in yourself, or in a teacher, or in the Divine. Ask yourself to surrender any of these images of what true union with yourself and God within you would be.  What keeps you from the depth of knowing Divine Grace flowing from within you?

For today is one day of awakening in bliss and tomorrow is a new day of opening into bliss. So each day there is more and more awareness, more and more divine experiences to be known. Yesterday will never be the same as today or tomorrow in your exploration to know the divine within you. Find your own language, your own words to directly communicate with the divine within, to speak to the unified oneness that prevails all beings, that which you want to see, that which you want to know.

Surrender your heart, surrender you mind, surrender your judgements, surrender all the things that you have read, all the literature, all the explanations and simply be you; Here and  Now, just as you are, just as you are in this moment. You do you not have to impress the all consciousness with doing something? You may want to impress the divine within you and around you, with your innate desire to know higher truth and wisdom. Moving your desires from the material world towards the divine world allows a quickening of your spiritual development. You become aware of all the stories of your past, all your ancestors as children of the divine that have gone before you – all prayers of a thousand generations are waiting for your quickening. Everything held within the omnipotent divine memory are all available to you in the moment of the now.  For the stories from long ago are held within divine memory— to bring clarity— to those issues that you are concerned about. So if  in your family, there are fears of failure, or fears of being alone or abandoned, or fear of being killed, or fear of being present or fear of being successful, whatever those fears may be, you have the power to change your experience in the here and now.  You can release the negative love bonds that bind you to the past experience.  You can release the terror within the cellular structure of your body and whatever soul growth aspects that you were born into can be healed.

Going from what you know and understanding to what you cannot know or understand.  Learning to listen for truth and wisdom to open your heart, to forgive, and for knowing the I AM consciousness residing deep inside of you.


  • To Trust in the I AM that is expressed through you.
  • To Love and accept the I AM that is awakened in you.
  • To Respect the I AM that flows through you.

Allow all the divine qualities to be your inner temple in which you rest, turn over  your concerns, your insights, worries, your disappointment and your blind spots onto divine trust, divine love and acceptance, and divine respect. Open your heart to the presence of the divine Holy Spirit and open yourself to heal generations of misconceptions, pain, and disease. Learn to listen. Take time to listen and discern the still small voice. Open your eyes to see from the highest of divine truth within.  Ask your spirit to see the truth so that your heart can open to profound forgiveness, divine mercy, and grace.

Open yourself to be taught and learn about your attachments to the negativity you believe to be true.  Release any thoughts that hold you separate from that which you long for. Open to know Divine Grace. Each of you came with certain questions about your own soul growth, your personal healing, as well as spiritual healing, professional healing and social healing. Just take a moment to lay onto the temple of mercy any questions of your question and surrender your humble ignorance, your limited perceptions of reality. Surrender to the force of the holiest of holies to heal you, teach you, and bless you.