Guided Meditation – July 2009

Remember, the I AM is the dream and the dreamer simultaneously. Allow your breath to awaken you and acknowledge your relationship with the creator. Allow the holiest of holies to permeate your mind, your body and your soul. Open your heart to receive the greater wisdom of true forgiveness and the greater wisdom of your soul’s purpose or potential here on earth. As you breathe in the I AM consciousness that radiates at the root of your being, at base of your sacrum imagine divine trust awakening within you. Surrender and allow the radiance of grace to be the base note that you rest upon. This Divine Trust within you becomes clearer and clearer like a crystalline light running through every cell of your body,  a crystalline light form of trust coming from the beloved creator through you. Remember that the divine has never left you and is always becoming you in every breath.  Allow the holiest of holies, the radiance of love, to glimmer through every cell of your body.  The light of love is being breathed through you in every breath.   You don’t have to seek out love or seek out acceptance or seek out forgiveness for thou art love, thou art forgiveness, thou art acceptance at the base of your very being, the fabric of your soul rest in all of these divine qualities. Out of the creative process is love and acceptance– surrender into this divine gift of love and acceptance and know that it is always here inside of you awaiting your awareness. Allow that sacredness, that preciousness, that exquisite innocence— the purity of spirit to flow through you. Turning towards the divine within you and saying I want to know your grace.   I want to know you directly. I want to speak with you inside of me. I want to unlock the keys of human struggle in order to find your grace—here– now.

Letting go of all your mind’s chatter, all your self-judgements, all your self-hatred and all your disdain, letting it go for a moment and just asking to know the grace that up-wells inside of you.  Use these qualities, these divine qualities to open the human heart for higher level relationships. Bring each of these qualities into your heart and asking for divine blessings. Asking that the sacredness of the holiest of holies to unfold inside of you to create an inner temple, a temple where you visit spirit inside of your soul— where you call on God’s grace to purify you. Where you ask the Holy Spirit, Buddha, Atman-Brahman or whatever name that you shall call the unified oneness to meet you inside. Create an inner temple of light– allowing the crystalline light of trust,  love and acceptance, and respect for the divine to become your center, your inner sanctuary.  Imagine a table on which you lay upon those things that frighten you or those challenging relationships that bring you trouble. Lay upon this table your own self- hatred, your self- judgement, your despair, or your intolerance. Lay upon this table your divisiveness, your separation. Turn all of these things over onto the table of the beloved light inside of you. And also see the greater plan of your Tree of Life and your Family Tree of Knowledge.  Bring these to the table of light inside of you and ask the grace of the divine to bring mercy and love upon your family and to bring about new insight. Some of you are still holding onto judgement, hate, pain and sorrow in your family tree.,

Ask that the grace of the Divine be here with you – not in judgement of you for being human and being blinded,  but to bring mercy upon your eyes and your soul that you may see more wisdom and truth that you may open the door of forgiveness not only for the other person but forgiveness for yourself. For many times when you have witnessed something or have become aware of one of your motivations or behaviours  or start to get an insight or clarity—- many of you  end up judging yourself for not seeing it sooner. We ask you not to do this, to lay those judgements upon the seat of mercy, upon this table of light within you, and ask spirit for more insight and clarity. For when you self-judge you put a layer of darkness over your crown ( top of your head) and block the direct knowing between you and spirit. Please lay your self-judgements into this crystalline light, the internalized crystalline light form, inside of you for purification of love and acceptance.  We ask you to bring your wounds and your broken family into this crystalline light form and ask for mercy, grace and insight. Maybe it is for a mother or brother or an uncle or grandparent or maybe it is for you. Ask for your eyes to be opened, that frontlets of your eyes to be purified with light with grace. For there are billions, upon billions, upon billions of light forms—droplets of mercy and grace continually flowing from you and to you at all times! Allow mercy and grace to enter your Family Tree of Knowledge.  Allow mercy and grace to enter your heart.  Allow mercy and grace to enter your soul. Ask that spirit have mercy upon you and your family.

Say aloud, “Dear Spirit please have mercy upon my children, have mercy upon my ancestors, have mercy upon our pain, our woundedness and our struggle. Have mercy upon our unborn children, and our unborn descendants. Show your mercy upon our crooked paths and open the doorway for us to see in which ways we have forgotten you.”  Do we need to forgive the thief or the thief inside of us?  Do we need to forgive someone that has coveted our blessings or do we need to forgive ourselves for coveting someone else’s blessings? Do we need to forgive those who have betrayed us or adulterated our good nature?  Do we need to forgive ourselves for betraying ourselves or betraying someone else’s trust? What is it that you need to forgive inside of you?  What is it that you need to ask for?  Use the key of forgiveness seventy times to unravel the greater mystery and awaken the light within your Family Tree of Knowledge.

And say,” We ask you Holy Spirit to bring the wisdom of opposites, the wisdom and truth about our own internalized splitting.  That we may unfold into the highest wisdom to hold these splits with a loving heart, with acceptance, with a deep level of trust for the greater good for humanity.  Help us learn that the splits are not just those things that are outside of ourselves but that inside of ourselves we are learning to master our own internalized splits. And Dear Great Spirit, help us understand how to bring healing to the world to those who are suffering from certain splits have affected families.  Teach us your greater wisdom that we may radiate healing on earth for these individuals and their families and we thank you for your blessings and we thank you for your teachings. “