Donna’s long distance healings give an eloquent and substantial lift into spiritual reality for our family members. Her long distance energy work can occur for all ages in the family while we are sleeping in our own beds. There is no mistaking that she has facilitated a shift with every healing. Donna offers us all ease and grace in our struggles as a neutral healing guide. It is a pleasure that she can observe our growth as a family over the years
Marianne Asher

I was driving home from work today repeating the I am mantras, focusing on the heart chakra. And for the first time in as long as I’ve been repeating them, it landed in my body in such a way that I get its meaning. I have courage to give and receive love from the I am that I am. I noticed that I always used to just say it before, and now when I say it, the “I am” part makes sense in a different way. It’s kind of cool 🙂

What the ’I am meditation’ has meant for me…

I feel a greater connection with my essence of being, with family members, with friends, coworkers, everyone and everybody. It is easier to move into an expanded state of prayer, & deepening connection with higher self – and this is growing each day.  I do not spend a lot of time with meditation – however, I can fall into the ‘I am meditation’ in any spare moment, & on a walk in nature, etc.   It has provided me a consistent focus & visual to strengthen currents with moving out of separation.  Instead of feeling alone & such a deep longing it is more like having arrived – enjoying being & just the essence of how precious and magical everything can feel and be when in connection.  My energies have shifted with this overtime, into a place of allowing more, surrendering to opening up and relaxing more. I feel happier, more grounded and secure in myself and in my life – it’s been the paradox of by letting go, I feel less externally focused & not as reactive.  It has been an awakening to broader perceptions, to being more settled in me (& moving away from the little ‘I’) and more connected with all.   I feel that with this shift I am tuned into a broader bandwidth to heal myself and others.  I am more ‘in flow’ and carrying less baggage and am in more harmony.  I’m doing more healings with summer and enjoying life.
Love & shared blessings