Year Two

A Transpersonal Psychology ApproachYear 2
Grace Touch Technique™ Year 2 

In each class you will continue to build on the techniques you learn to restore the divine qualities within and open the gateway for you to live from Grace. You help your GT Receiver to integrate each divine quality into the deep limbic system and release Negative Love Bonds and addictive patterns. In addition, we will explore how each divine quality affects the different systems of the body creating either health and well being or disease when blocked.

  God Realization & Conscious Family Relationships Year 2 

You will learn how to change unhealthy patterns, heal your relationships, and transmit divine qualities to your children to foster emotional health and wellbeing. Continue to work with God Realization Genogram to uncover the hidden negative love bonds that hold family members hostage to old unhealthy patterns of behavior.You will also unlock the greater mystery of the blessing coming to you from a thousand generations restoring your family’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Ten Spiritual Keys Year 2 

We will continue to work with the 10 spiritual keys to awaken the light within you. The goal of working with the keys is to work with the Negative Love Bonds passed down generationally and locked in your cellular memory and deep limbic system. The Keys will help restore the blessings from your ancestor’s and heal your family and descendents.

Conscious Counseling Year 2 

You will learn to deepen your counseling skills and how to track relationship issues in order to help yourslef and others heal.