Year One

A Transpersonal Psychology Approach
Year 1
Grace Touch Technique™ Year 1

In each Class you will learn Grace Touch Techniques for healing yourself and others. Each technique is based upon a divine quality that needs restored in order to change Negative Love Bonds™. You will watch a demo and practice with other participants. The GTT practitioner will learn how to integrate counseling skills, hands on healing, working with Negative Love Bonds, and restoring each of the divine qualities to provide the Grace Touch Receiver with tools for self healing. In each class, you will have the opportunity to give and receive two GT healings. You can use these techniques in your professional healing practice or in your life to restore health and happiness. The GTT are designed to teach you have to become the master of your own destiny and heal lifelong patterns.

  Conscious Counseling Skills Year 1

You will learn how Positive and Negative Love Bonds™ form in the deep limbic system and are passed down generationally. You will learn how to work with and change Negative Love bonds to heal yourself and create healthier relationships

God Realization and Family Genogram

Uncover the greater mystery of your family heritage, identify and heal generational Negative Love Bonds. The divine wants to be at the center of your life. We are moving from self realization and the “Me Generation” to God realization and the “WE Generation.” Reclaim God Realization for yourself and family. You will create your own God Realization Genograms and use them in psychodramas to unleash the hidden potential of healing in the family.

10 Spiritual Keys Year 1

We will work with Ten Spiritual Keys that will unlock the windows of light in your heart, soul, eyes, and hands. These keys will help you restore your relationship with the divine within in you. You will learn to listen to the still small voice inside and have a direct connection with divine grace and love.

Meditation and Intercessory Prayer Practice Years 1 and 2

You will learn different approaches to meditation and prayer that will facilitate your direct relationship with the divine within you. You will learn how to discern the still small voice of the divine from other internal voices, open yourself to living from grace, and create daily Sabbath Moments for healing and restoration. In addition, you will explore and grow in your prayer life, learning how prayer releases Negative Love Bonds and opens you to divine fulfillment.