Grace Touch Technique

The Grace Touch Technique (GTT), a faith based approach to hands on healing, helps restore the mind and body with the innate spiritual potential. The approach is based upon integrating the “ I Am Meditation” and hands on healing to relive physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual duress. Both the Grace Touch Practitioner (GTP) and Grace Touch Receiver (GTR) are active during the healing process. The healing method activates the GTR personal responsibility to making conscious choices to open themselves to experiencing grace in all aspects of their life or dis-ease process.

The Grace Touch Technique helps the Grace Touch Receiver:
· Reconnect with God within
· Release Automatic Negative beliefs, behaviors, emotions
· Restore divine qualities within the limbic system and mind-body connection

Learn to work with I AM mantra meditation
opening oneself to a state of GRACE

I trust in the I Am That I Am
I love and accept the I Am That I Am
I respect the I Am That I Am
I give and receive love from the I Am That I Am
I speak and hear truth from the I Am That I Am
I see truth from the I Am That I Am
I know truth from the I Am That I Am
I express my divine purpose from the I Am That I AmDonna Evans Strauss © 2010

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Specific organ healing
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Psychodrama and group leadership
Advanced conscious counseling skills

The Living from Grace program is designed for people with established healing practices and anyone interested in growth and transformation. There aren’t any set pre-requisites: you are a good candidate if you have committed to your own healing journey. A tremendous amount of self-healing occurs during the course—and self-healing opens many doors to how we express our selves in our home and work lives. Some students will have healing work experience. Few people will have actual healing practices established. So you may want to use the information professionally in other ways—or just in your personal life.