What is Grace Touch Technique?
The Grace Touch Technique is a hands-on- healing technique that works specifically with the deep limbic system and the mind body connection to change unhealthy beliefs, emotions and behaviors. The approach was developed from working with an I AM meditation and chant that can restore the fundamental divine qualities and empower one to shift from Negative Love Bond patterns into positive love Bond expressions. The Grace Touch technique teaches one to Live from Grace.

What does Grace Touch Technique do?
1. Restore: The Basic I AM Meditation restores the foundation of one’s personal relationship to God within. Each I am statement restores an innate divine quality that may be struggling to express itself because of both conscious and unconscious Negative Love Bonds. Restoration happens in the physical, mental, emotional, interpersonal, and spiritual levels of ones consciousness and experience. Trust, Love and Acceptance, Respect, Interpersonal relatedness. Old behavior patterns that interfere with physical or emotional health, with relationships as well as spiritual fulfillment are transformed.

2. Replenish: The GTP- Grace Touch Practitioner acts as a conduit of Divine Grace to help the recipient replenish each divine quality and release Negative Love Bonds. The GTP helps the recipient to open and receive the potential of each divine quality and recognize the depth of divinity from within.

3. Revitalize: The application of the Grace Touch Technique (GTT) brings new vitality into the physical, emotional, mental, interpersonal, and spiritual aspects of the recipients process to help stimulate and revitalize the original divine connection and help the recipient live from a place of divine Grace. Living from divine grace opens the way to manifesting our dreams and aspirations – from expressing our true divine nature.

What can I expect from the introductory workshop?
In the Living from Grace Introductory Trust workshop, You will learn about the deep limbic system, how Positive and Negative Love Bonds form, how to sense the energy within the deep limbic system, How to track a negative pattern within your family genogram, how to give a basic Living From Grace Trust Healing, and how psychodrama can help highlight and release blocked emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. You will also learn some basics about psychology and the anatomy of physical body that will support the techniques that you learn.

What can I expect from the Living From Grace two year training program?
You will become a Grace Touch Practitioner, learn how to lead Groups, Teach Introductory Workshops and qualify to train as a Living from Grace Program Trainer. A tremendous amount of self-healing occurs during the course and self-healing opens many doors to how we express our selves in our home and work lives.

Who is it for?
Sessions are for anyone who is struggling with physical, emotional, or spiritual issues that block their ability to live from Grace. The workshops and training are for anyone who is seeking to deepen their personal transformation or work with others who are seeking personal transformation and healing.

Why should I learn Grace Touch Technique?
Learning the GTT can help you with your own life issues. If you have a desire to help others in your life such as family, friends or clients the coursework gently moves you through your personal blocks that interfere with your ability to help others. As you practice the work you begin to recognize generational trends in attitude and culture that interfere with your own and other’s health and happiness. Once acknowledged unhealthy generational patterns can be transformed with this work.

How can it help me?
The coursework, program and sessions can help you change your life. It helps you heal and understand the depth of how you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually bond as humans. You will learn about transgenerational patterns and how the deep limbic system can be changed from negative love bond™ experiences to more positive love bond™ experiences with self and others. It also helps change addictions and addictive patterns such as automatic negative thinking and self defeating behaviors that lead to unhappiness. GTT works at the cellular level to heal physical issue caused by emotional and mental duress.

How can it help those recieving the work?
The GTT can help you understand and release negative patterns, beliefs, and emotions that inhibit you from expressing your true divine nature. You will also learn how to identify and work through transgenerational patterns that inhibit your happiness today or hold you hostage to recycled beliefs, feels and behaviors. It also empowers a person to take responsibility for their emotions, thoughts, and actions and make healthy changes.

Will it integrate with my current belief system?
Yes, The Grace Touch Technique arises from understanding the depth of scripture and applying the principles to creating physical, emotional, mental, interpersonal, and spiritual health.

What can I expect from a Living From Grace session?
You will work with the Grace Touch Practitioner (GTP) to identify any unhealthy patterns you would like to release. While laying on the healing table, the GTP will place His/her hands gently on your head above your ears (your temple lobes) while transmitting a deep sense of trust and peace. You will learn to track your inner consciousness and thoughts while receiving the treatment. The GTP will guide you through your negative beliefs that are limiting and invite you to explore taking in divine energies of trust, love and acceptance. You will be empowered to witness both your desire to change and the resistance you have to let go into a new way of being. The GTP will coach you through the process and help you recognize “How to Live from Grace.” You will experience and learn how to make simple changes that effect your deep limbic system and in turn your life.

What is the Negative Love Bond?
Resentment captures the heart and closes the valves to receiving and giving unconditional love. The heart closes in pain from the unmet need and the despair from trying unsuccessfully to meet it. The pain is so unbearable that the image is stored beneath that one is truly unlovable and therefore the other person or situation needs to be cut off. The self-hatred and distain for the other becomes primarily hidden from view, masked by our Care taking. We try to find another way or situation that might lead us to the prime directive. The deeper meaning of unconditional love—something that is seemly unattainable unless we give ourselves over to another cycle of care taking. Again, our biochemistry is hooked like an addict trying to get a fix. This is the Negative Love Bond.

What is the Positive Love Bond?
The Positive Love Bond is transmitted when a baby experiences the reflection and embodiment of divine grace emanating from both the mother and father.

What is the God Realization Genogram?
Our natural divine nature is lost to illusory layers of personal, familial, social distortions. The restoration of one’s true nature can be achieved by tracing the family challenges for insight, clarity, and healing. Each religion has the spiritual truths that bring wholeness to the individual and family. I am proposing expanding the knowledge of the family genogram to the God Realization Genogram (GRG). For me becoming God -realized challenges us to move beyond self realization to God realization. The GRG allows us to trace each of our negative and positive love bonds to a breach in one of the commandments and the teachings of Moses and Jesus. It also offers us opportunities to use biblical truths, prayers, and healing to release negative patterns and restore our divine nature. Pray, meditation, and self evaluation was part of our ancestor’s spiritual responsibility to God, the family, society and the world. Returning to the holistic nature of these spiritual truths can restore health to us, our family and community.

Moreover, biblical stories unveiled deep and profound teaching on the complexities of family relationships, with offering us the keys to explore our spiritual heritage and atonement with God, our divine creator. Biblical stories reveal the internal and external spiritual struggles families endured as they evolved on the planet over thousands of years. The stories highlight our genealogical past and illustrate both the positive and negative consequences of actions passed down generationally. By tracings the origins of both positive and negative familial patterns, we become aware of the intrinsic nature of the link between our present behavior and our ancestral heritage. This knowledge empowers us to make changes in our current life. Throughout the pages of both the Old and New Testament we are given simple instructions to open up to blessings and communication with our divine creator. We are not doomed by our ancestral past and have power to change the here and now by living and expressing the greatest teachings ever written