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Blessings From a Thousand Generations Now Available

Blessings From a Thousand GenerationsIt all starts in the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve move from spiritual oneness with God to separation and individuation. After eating from the Tree of Knowledge, both Adam and Eve leave Eden to create their own Family Tree of Knowledge. Our spiritual journey and blessings come from embracing our family heritage, healing our ancestral and cultural wounds while uncovering the divine within us. If we learn how to recognize and embrace both Positive Love Bond and Negative Love Bond experiences with insight, love and acceptance, forgiveness and compassion, we can find the path that will lead us toward true peace and oneness with God.

The God-Realization Process offers you the opportunity unravel the mystery of the divine light within and receive the blessings from a thousand generations. The Ten Spiritual Keys (Commandments) were a gift from God to secure our relationships with him, to awaken the light within us, and to manifest and transform anything in our lives and most of all to heal our families and bless them and generations to come.

In Donna’s new book, Blessings From a Thousand Generations, you will be introduced to the ten spiritual keys for healing your relationship with your partner, your family, and in your community. You will awaken to healing the generational negative love bonds that hold you hostage to the past. You will walk through the doorway of spiritual keys of your choice while opening to wisdom through your heart, eyes, hands, and soul.

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Listen to Healing Family Patterns Seminar

Donna Evans Strauss is the author of the upcoming groundbreaking book Blessings From A Thousand Generations What do your ancestors have to teach you about healing your family today? Listen to her latest seminar here.

You can download the mp3 file by Clicking here

Phone Seminar: Healing Family Patterns

Join Donna Evans Strauss, author of the upcoming groundbreaking book Blessings From A Thousand Generations

What do your ancestors have to teach you about healing your family today?

Join us for a journey that can help you find healing and peace with your problems & relationships.

Monday February 7, 2011

7pm EST

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In this 1 hour Complimentary Phone Seminar Donna will take us through very practical experiential exercises:

·         Learning how to review a life pattern in your family

·         Finding both Positive and Negative Love Bonds™

·         Learning to access Divine Qualities to change Negative Love Bond™ Energies

·         Meditation to open the heart, soul, eyes and hands, restoring light within

How have the events from generations long past affecting you today?

And, how does you heal these wounds?

Each of us has a history of familial, ancestral, and cultural wounds that have led us to a path of self-understanding and enlightenment.

·         Have you ever felt suppressed by parts of your family baggage or heritage?

·         Have you ever labeled any patterns dysfunctional?

·         Ever tried to change a pattern, only to find yourself in a vicious cycle of behavior that you just can’t figure out how to change?

Without understanding how to free yourself, you may have tried hard not to repeat the unwanted behavior.  You may have concluded that you were doomed to repeat the same patterns forever.

Good news!

We can trace our spiritual heritage and unravel the mystery of who we are as evolving spiritual beings by embracing the path of our parents and ancestors.

Even if there has been abuse, alcoholism, exile, or any type of challenge, if we learn how to recognize and embrace both our Positive Love Bond™ and Negative Love Bond™ experiences with insight, self-love and acceptance, forgiveness and compassion, we can find the path that will lead us toward true peace and satisfaction.

Won’t you join us for this time of powerful healing?

Register for the phone seminar;

Now, we know that in an hour, you may not solve all of your life’s problems.  But we also know that the series of exercise that you will be lead through are powerful tools that can help direct you positively on your path to gaining new insight, understanding and change.

This phone seminar is also a preview for an upcoming workshop lead by Donna Evans Strauss with assistance from Sandy Rakowitz.

Click here for more information on the workshop

Workshop at Sevenoaks

Donna will be hosting a workshop at SevenOaks to introduce her new book, “Blessings From A Thousand Generations” on February 18-21. Join Donna Evans Strauss as she launches material from her new book Blessings From A Thousand Generations in the first workshop of its kind.

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Listen to the Phone Seminar

On January 18th Donna held  a phone seminar allowing people t to learn more about Donna, her work, her upcoming workshop and book, Blesings From A Thousand Generations. Parpicipants were able to ask questions of Donna at the end of the Seminar.

To listen to the seminar online

Phone Seminar Coming!

January 18, 2011 7pm EST
The phone seminar is a preview call for you to get to learn more about Donna, her work and upcoming workshop Blesings From A Thousand Generations.
Get your questions answered personally by Donna at the end of the call.

Register for the Phone Seminar

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Unlocking the Mystery of Healing in Your Family

Join Donna Evans Strauss as she launches material from her new book “Blessings From A Thousand Generations” in the first workshop of its kind. Donna and Sandy Rakowitz, both BBSH healers, will guide you to connect with guidance, open to the spiritual keys, and unlock the mysteries of healing in your heart, and in your relationships with family, friends, and community.

The workshop will take place at the SevenOaks Retreat Center in Madison, VA on February 18 – 21, 2011

Click here for more information and how to register.

Living from Grace Program Starting in Philadelphia Area

We are now accepting enrollment for Year 1 of the Living from Grace program taught by Donna Evans-Strauss. The classes will be located in Doylestown, PA, conveniently located near Philadelphia, New York, and New Jersey.

The dates for the classes are Jan 14 – 17, 2011, Mar 25 – 28, 2011, Jun 9 – 12, 2011 with the 4th class to be announced.

Living from Grace program is designed for people with established healing practices or anyone interested in growth and transformation. There aren’t any set pre-requisites: you are a good candidate if you have committed to your own healing journey. A tremendous amount of self-healing occurs during the course—and self-healing opens many doors to how we express our selves in our home and work lives. Some students will have healing work experience. Few people will have actual healing practices established. So you may want to use the information professionally in other ways—or just in your personal life.

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Lifting the Shroud

In today’s society many of us feel burdened by the economy, family problems, work related problems, environmental concerns, and our safety. We can feel overwhelmed and burdened by so many types of hardships. Some of us may think that we are cursed and things will never get better. Our hearts and soul can be covered by pains of the past, hurts and disappointments of today, and generations of family wounds.
Everything that happens to us is a soul growth opportunity. Tending to our heart and soul reenergizes us to lift the burdens of these situations and allows our love, light and longings to come forward. Some of us walk around with a heavy feeling over our hearts and soul. It is like a dark cloud that is following us. We may feel betrayed by life and think we missed the boat especially when our lives are riddled with misfortune and pain. This shroud of darkness needs our tending to, love and care. It is made up of all the misconceptions, negative beliefs, painful feelings, and hurtful actions of the past and present. These situations were never meant to be carried as burdens that weigh us down. Rather they are soul growth lessons and opportunities to birth our love and light…
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