About Us

Donna Evans Strauss is the founder of the Grace Touch Technique and the Living from Grace program. For 18 years, she taught, developed curriculum, and mentored students of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. She has a private practice in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, specializing in conscious parenting and holistic healing for addictions and trauma-related disorders. Donna has traveled throughout North America and to South America, Europe, and China to share her expertise through lectures, workshops, and private sessions. She has also served as a leader in Pathwork International, which provides transformative spiritual programs.

Donna is well known for her holistic approach to healing, working energetically with the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy bodies. She instructs and advises psychotherapists, psychologists, medical doctors, and body workers from around the world on the integration of the human energy field (HEF) with more traditional practices and psychological theories—such as Freudian, Bioenergetics, Humanistic, Cognitive and Family Therapy—to promote healthy, loving relationships. Her teachings on the spiritual journey of the family, human energy and consciousness, healing, and self-awareness are at the cutting edge of the human development movement.

Living from Grace program, Grace Touch Technique
Healing Addictions program
Conscious Parenting workshops
Developed concepts: positive and negative love bonds; God-realization genogram
Co-creater, Kathumi, Year 1 Transformation Program (Mexico City)
Co-founder and Director, Institute for Ethical Awareness (IEA)
Founder, Educcomm LLC
Co-inventor of Educcomm instructional cube to help people identify different emotional states using visual, spatial, and auditory processes

Work at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing

  • Teacher (14 years) ( graduate of 4 year studies program)
  • Department Head of Healing Science (1994-2000)
  • Vice President (2000-2001)
  • Dean of Year 4 Professional Studies program (2001-2005)
  • Dean and developer of Brennan Integration Practitioner Training Program (2000-2005)

Mental Health Technology (B.Sc.), Hahnemann University
Healing Science and Psychological Counseling (Ph.D. candidate), Union Institute Healing Science Training Program (4-year course), Barbara Brennan School of Healing Teacher-Training Program (2-year course), Barbara Brennan School of Healing Hypnotherapy (certified practitioner), WHERE?
Psychodrama, Philadelphia Institute of Psychodrama
Integrative Regressive Therapy, The Center for Advanced Studies
Past Life Therapy Training with Dr. John Amaroso
Pathwork Helper (10+ year process), Pathwork International
Center for Intentional Living (2 years)
Metaphysical training (5 years)
Stephen Minister, Stephen Ministries Program Doylestown United Methodist

Michèle BourgeoisMichèle Bourgeois has been working with Donna as a student teacher of the Grace Touch Technique for 5 years. Based in Edmonton, she brings 8 years as a Brennan healing practitioner and over 30 years of nursing, including bedside nursing, teaching, health promotion, and program planning and development. As an intuitive healer, teacher, and holistic nurse, Michèle is well known for her warmth and kindness as well as her clarity, insights, and healing skills.