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Blessings From a Thousand Generations Now Available

Blessings From a Thousand GenerationsIt all starts in the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve move from spiritual oneness with God to separation and individuation. After eating from the Tree of Knowledge, both Adam and Eve leave Eden to create their own Family Tree of Knowledge. Our spiritual journey and blessings come from embracing our family heritage, healing our ancestral and cultural wounds while uncovering the divine within us. If we learn how to recognize and embrace both Positive Love Bond and Negative Love Bond experiences with insight, love and acceptance, forgiveness and compassion, we can find the path that will lead us toward true peace and oneness with God.

The God-Realization Process offers you the opportunity unravel the mystery of the divine light within and receive the blessings from a thousand generations. The Ten Spiritual Keys (Commandments) were a gift from God to secure our relationships with him, to awaken the light within us, and to manifest and transform anything in our lives and most of all to heal our families and bless them and generations to come.

In Donna’s new book, Blessings From a Thousand Generations, you will be introduced to the ten spiritual keys for healing your relationship with your partner, your family, and in your community. You will awaken to healing the generational negative love bonds that hold you hostage to the past. You will walk through the doorway of spiritual keys of your choice while opening to wisdom through your heart, eyes, hands, and soul.

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