Monthly Archives: September 2010

Lifting the Shroud

In today’s society many of us feel burdened by the economy, family problems, work related problems, environmental concerns, and our safety. We can feel overwhelmed and burdened by so many types of hardships. Some of us may think that we are cursed and things will never get better. Our hearts and soul can be covered by pains of the past, hurts and disappointments of today, and generations of family wounds.
Everything that happens to us is a soul growth opportunity. Tending to our heart and soul reenergizes us to lift the burdens of these situations and allows our love, light and longings to come forward. Some of us walk around with a heavy feeling over our hearts and soul. It is like a dark cloud that is following us. We may feel betrayed by life and think we missed the boat especially when our lives are riddled with misfortune and pain. This shroud of darkness needs our tending to, love and care. It is made up of all the misconceptions, negative beliefs, painful feelings, and hurtful actions of the past and present. These situations were never meant to be carried as burdens that weigh us down. Rather they are soul growth lessons and opportunities to birth our love and light…
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Introductory Workshop in Boston

I’m happy to announce I am bringing the Living from Grace program to Boston. I will be giving the 2 day introductory workshop on December 11th and 12th to the Luminosity Center in Concord, MA.

You can get more information by clicking here.