Living From Grace is a two-year program that integrates traditional psychology with spirituality and in-depth healing practices. Developed by Donna Evans Strauss as a series of four-day workshops, four times a year, it explores a range of methodologies and co-creative processes for helping ourselves and our clients to transform our lives. Students will practice hands-on healing techniques as well as doing extensive course work.

The Living from Grace program is designed for people with established healing practices and anyone interested in growth and transformation. There aren’t any set pre-requisites: you are a good candidate if you have committed to your own healing journey. A tremendous amount of self-healing occurs during the course-and self-healing opens many doors to how we express our selves in our home and work lives. Some students will have healing work experience. Few people will have actual healing practices established. So you may want to use the information professionally in other ways-or just in your personal life.